Living Vegan – 3 Sub Categories of Raw Veganism

Someone who follows a raw vegan diet consumes vegan food that has not been heated beyond a temperature of 115F at least 75% of the time. Believe it or not, there are actually specialized sub categories of raw veganism. This article will highlight three of the most popular diets.

Sub Category 1 – Raw Fruitarians

Fruitarians believe that their diet should not cause the death of any living plant. This means that foods such as broccoli and lettuce are off the menu. A fruitarian a diet consists of only food that can be harvested such as seeds, fruits and nuts. Mahatma Ghandi was briefly a fruitarian. People who follow this diet need to ensure that they consume enough protein.

Sub Category 2 – Raw Sproutarians

As opposed to the Fruitarian need to not kill a living plants the Sproutarian focus is on consuming a living plant embryo. As the name suggests Sproutarians only eat foods that have sprouted. They feel that sprouted food has all the elements necessary for life since it has all the active nutrients to feed the plant embryo. The Sproutarian diet consists of sprouted legumes, seeds or grains.

Sub Category 3 – Raw Juicearian

The Juicearian diet relies on vegetables and fruits that need to be juiced before they can be consumed. The Juicearian philosophy is similar to the Sproutarian where they try to consume the life force of the plant.

Wheat grass shots are very popular in the Juicearian diet. Since wheat grass can live potted on a counter top it can be harvested juiced and consumed in a matter of minutes. This is done to get the largest amount of life force from the plant.

Sproutarians, Juicearians, and Fruitarians are 3 unique subcategories of a raw vegan diet each with their own methods and beliefs. Enjoy learning more about veganism and the health benefits that result from a raw diet.

The optimum diet for health and longevity Enjoy a Raw Food Vegan Diet

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