Super Health Secrets – What Is Limu?

The news media is talking about Limu Plus. Is it a mysterious juice of health? Well, it’s not actually a juice, but you do drink it. It is an extract of Fucoidan from Tongan seaweed called limu moui, and some are calling it a “super food”. With original limu or limu plus you will get no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no colors or artificial flavors.

The sectret here is all about fucoidan, a marine bioactive mainly found in various species of brown seaweed, including limu moui. Tonga is the greatest, richest source of fucoidan on the planet, and its people have enjoyed the health benefits of fucoidan for about 3,000 years. Commonly used as a medicinal staple, it also contains over 70 essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids.

Checkout the Science of Fucoidan – As the subject of more than 600 scientific studies, research has shown that fucoidan dissipates cancer cells within 72 hours of administration. Alginate, a derivative of seaweed, absorbs radioactive elements, heavy metals and free radicals in the body, and Laminarin acts as an anticoagulant in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of Fucoidan – Fucoidan improves gastrointestinal function, aids in digestion and weight loss; helps decrease high blood sugar and cholesterol levels; improves structure of hair and nails, and speeds their growth; boosts the immune system; can help protect against thyroid and other cancers; and can assist in detoxification of smokers, removing strontium and cadmium from the body.

Original provides a daily supplement of this powerful SuperFood in a form promised to be loved by all – even kids and pets. One to four ounces of Limu Original taken twice a day can help get you looking and feeling your best really fast. So let’s look at the difference between Original and the powerful Plus.

The best way to improve on the perfect nutritional product would be to improve its bioavailability – the rate and percentage at which your body absorbs it after you consume it. To this end, a few ingredients have been added to Limu Plus.

One of nature’s most effective “conductive vehicles” is aloe vera, a stemless succulent plant. In fact, no other substance is known of that increases bioavailability of both fat and water-soluble vitamins. Aloe vera, having been added to Limu Plus, speeds absorption of its nutrients in the digestive tract. The Plus also contains green tea and Taheebo tea, which greatly increase its antioxidant properties.

It has additionally added a proprietary blend of Russian Adaptogens which have a unique and positive effect on Cortisol (the stress hormone), enabling the body to cope better with life’s stress. These Adaptogens have been credited with aiding Russian Olympian athletes achieve their performance goals.

Your health is key to enjoying the wealth and fulfillment you desire in life. Discover the secret to how Limu the gift from the sea is improving health for many, many people.

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