Secrets For Winning Cooking Contests

Cooking contests are a fun way to see if everyone else likes your recipes as much as your family does. Food and cookware companies use cooking contests to promote their products, and the prizes are well worth winning. Whether you enter a new recipe or a family favorite in a cooking contest, whether your thing is barbecue or dessert, you can find a cooking contest that appeals to you.

Healthy Cooking Matches

It is a cliche to everybody regarding the obvious connection of having good health and eating healthy foods and one way to promote this is through healthy cooking competitions. An exemplar of this contest is the healthy college cookbook contest. If you’re lucky enough to triumph in this competition, your recipe will be published on a famous cookbook. Furthermore, you get to acquire the cookbook for free and if your recipe belongs to the top 25, you will be receiving a cash prize of $ 25.

Another healthy cooking contest is the Get Fresh With North Carolina Sweet Potatoes Recipe Contest, which awards $ 500 prizes in each of four categories: soups, salads, sides, and sweets.

Dessert Cooking Contests

If you are more on cooking those exquisite desserts such as the luscious pecan pie and delectable group of cookies, then a dessert cooking competition is a great choice for you. Hershey’s Coca, a popular company has held cake-baking contests for at least twenty years. Their competition is by making cakes and frosting with the use of Hershey’s Cocoa and the winners receives a cash prize. Another reputable baking contest is the Annual Sesame Street Cookie Baking Contest which was even advertised on a Cookie Monster Storybook in 1979. As a matter of fact, legends say that Cookie Monster will be one of the judges when having this competition.

Vegetarian Cooking Competitions

Want to win an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii? Of course you do; who wouldn’t? The Blossoming Lotus restaurant in Kauai hosts a contest called, “The Most Remarkable Vegan Recipe Contest In History.” The winner of this cooking contest, which requires entrants to use a recipe containing no animal products whatsoever, wins a one week trip for two to Hawaii, all expenses paid.

Should you wish to search for various cooking contests, you can do that by searching for them on magazines that mainly focuses on different foods and recipes. If you think you still do not have enough confidence, try joining local competitions first since the crowd watching will not be that immense. After gaining confidence, then it is time to beat your competitors on the national contests.

Read food articles in magazines and newspapers to stay current on trends, and incorporate those trends into recipes you submit for contests. Examples of recipe contest trends are meals that can be prepared quickly, low-fat meals, and meals with trendy ingredients, like sundried tomatoes or figs.

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