Super Food Expert David Wolfe Shares His Routine For Being Healthy And How To Decide What Works For You

This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni’s Raw Summit Teleseminar program which can be found at In this excerpt, David Wolfe shares his routine for being healthy and filtering health information to decide what will work for you.

Raw Summit Excerpt with David Wolfe raw food and super food lifestyle guru, author, chocolatier, alchemist, speaker and founder of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. He has spent the last 15 years spreading the news of great health around the world.

Kevin: Hi everyone, this is Kevin Gianni, I’d like to welcome you to another very special Raw Summit teleseminar, which can be found online at The purpose of the Raw Summit is to pass along cutting edge information about raw and living food technologies for you to reach optimal health, wellness and success. Today I have an incredible guest on the line. He’s an author, chocolatier, alchemist, speaker and founder of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. David Wolfe has spent the last 15 years spreading the news of great health around the world. And it is such an honor to have him here with us today. So David, I want to welcome you aboard.

David: Thank you so much. It’s a total pleasure.

Kevin: Wow. Let’s, let’s turn the gears a little bit and we’re kind of coming to the end of this interview. What I want to know is, I want you to give some insight about what you do on a regular basis, what your protocol is or what you’re system is for achieving the things that you do and being as healthy as you are.

David: Okay, well I just from the health part of things, over the years I’ve noticed that I, I eat less and less and I live more and more. And I start my day with the best water ever and I drink as much of it as possible before I eat any food. And in fact I totally saturate myself with water and then I’ll move into my day by having for example lots of herbs. I’ll do a liquid zeolytes.

Kevin: What are some of the herbs?

David: A little bit of salt in my water, I’ll do, you know little things like that. But basically in the morning I don’t really have any food. And then going into the, into the afternoon, sometimes I’ll snack on this or that or I’ll make a smoothie and that’ll guide me through the day. And then towards the end of the day, when I’m at home I just basically go pick wild foods, like wild herbs and I make a salad out of it. And then you know I’ll have that. And then if I really want to power into the night, like go until 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, I’ll sometime in the late evening like 10:00 or 11:00 put together a cacao smoothie. If I’m not powering into the late evening, just staying up till 1:00 or 2:00, then I’ll just, then I won’t eat anything, maybe drink some more water. So that’s kind of my, my health regiment. I consume you know obviously a whole variety of different herbs and super foods and that my diet mostly consists of herbs and super foods now.

Kevin: What are some of your favorite herbs?

David: My favorite herbs are the medicinal mushrooms.

Kevin: Okay.

David: I live in a mushroom forest, so I can, you know 300 different types of mushrooms that grow right here in the forest so it’s incredible choices we have here. It’s the best ever.

Kevin: I’ve seen just about all of them including the rishi.

David: I mean there’s rishi that grows right down the hill here. Just unbelievable, it’s totally crazy. I mean the greatest most powerful food in the world and herbs and super foods are usually growing right outside somebody’s back door and they don’t realize it. And that, that’s why we’re doing the education. It’s like everybody can become their own super hero based on what’s in their back yard at any time.

Kevin: Wow.

David: It’s unbelievable. I mean really, really what is in front of us is the greatest opportunity in the entire history of human kind ever.

Kevin: Wow. It’s incredible technology.

David: A day my normal program other than just my health program looks like exactly this. I do exactly what I feel like I should do. And I never force myself to do anything too much unless I know I kind of have to get it done. You know if, if like I’m writing a book and I have to get the final edits done and I know it has to be done by midnight, you know I’ll do it, I’ll make it happen.

Kevin: Yeah.

David: Sometimes it’s tough, but you know sometimes I’ll just have to tough that out. And I do believe somewhat in the statement that success means doing what you need to do when you need to do it. And that’s been my experience of being true. But most of the time I just do whatever I want to do. So the other day, I got up in the morning, picked wild raspberries, weeded the garden, did all kinds of errands and then by the end of the day after having planted a bunch of trees and done all this kind of stuff, it was probably 6:00 or 7:00 at night. Then I, boom, I hit the computer for like eight hours.

Kevin: Wow.

David: You know so sometimes I’ll do that and sometimes I’ll stay up all night or sometimes I’ll work through the night on various projects around the house and then hit the computer all day. But it’s never the same and I guess I’m a lot like you know some of the individuals like Edison who just would just keep strange hours of Newton who would keep strange hours. I never sleep the same hours the same. I never go to sleep the same way, it’s always something different. And usually I go until I absolutely just drop and pass out.

Kevin: So what do you think about the, the philosophy or the theory that you get your best sleep and you recharge between 10:00 and 2:00, 10:00 in the evening and 2:00 in the morning?

David: That’s a great theory in philosophy, but just like anything else, I’ve checked it against my own common sense for my body and that doesn’t have anything to do with me.

Kevin: Yeah.

David: And, and that is really an important point. For example, its great to have that information and you might try it out and go, wow! That really works for me. but if you try it out and go, you know what, it doesn’t make a darn bit of difference, well you need to be able to take any information with a grain of sea salt and be able to go, okay, you know it’s cool that the information is cool but it doesn’t work for me. So, you know I’ll let it go.

Kevin: What’s the best, what’s the best way to approach that? Because there is, there is so much information. There’s information magazines, there’s information in books, there’s information on TV, on the radio, on these calls. What’s the best approach? What can someone do right now?

David: In terms of filtering the information?

Kevin: Yeah, well filtering and then using it in a way that’s going to benefit them.

David: Well, I think the best thing is always to do what you can do in every, in every moment. For example, let’s say you were reading a magazine that said hawthorn berries are the best thing ever for your heart. The next thing you know, you’re at the health food store and there’s a whole hawthorn berry powder supplement, super food thing there and then, you know you’re in line and the person in front of you says, hey do you know anything about hawthorn berries? At that point, I would then take the clue and go get the hawthorn berries and start guzzling them.

Kevin: This has been an incredible call David. You have a bunch of other books and information and we’ve actually set up a page where everyone can go to get the information for David and that’s going to be at, And we’ll put up some information where you can go and check out some information about his books, about Sun Food Nutrition, about all this incredible food that, that I eat on a regular basis,that gives me some of my energy. And you can get there and get all those resources and get all those, the information that you need. So David, thank you so much for coming aboard. I really appreciate it.

David: Thank you so much. Good luck with the Raw Summit, have the best day ever.

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