How I Beat Depression

The purpose of this article is to share with you how I ended my recurring bouts of depression. It is hoped that the reader, whether suffering from clinical depression, just plain down in the dumps, or looking for tips to promote optimal well-being will get something out of this.

It is well worth noting since according to Doctor Joe Mercola around two-thirds of the population with depression go undiagnosed. The article focuses on natural health approaches which I consider to be greatly underestimated.

In recent times something like 230 million antidepressant prescriptions have been given out each year. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) report that 1 in 20 people in the United States suffer from depression, while about one-fifth of sufferers find it difficult to have a normal everyday life… Doesn’t this seriously question the effectiveness of these antidepressants?

Worst of all many are treated ineffectively, sometimes with drugs that make the condition even worse. Studies have shown that some drugs are only as good as a placebo (sugar pill). Then what about the drug’s side effects? This includes diabetes, immune system damage, suicidal tendencies and sometimes violent behaviour…I have seen people give up the antidepressant drug and get better.

-All in all I strongly suggest that sufferers get themselves educated and use the natural health approach, which leads me into how I beat depression.

One day, I caught the news that actress Angelina Jolie said she had been on a vegan diet and it nearly killed her. In effect, what happened to her was this. Everyone is aware that we all need proteins, fats and carbohydrates as part of our dietary requirements. However, some individuals need more of one of these requirements than the other two. This is called nutritional typing.

Taking Angelina Jolie’s case, she was a ‘protein type,’ meaning that she needed more protein for healthy metabolic function than the other two, fats and carbohydrates. Because vegan vegetarianism means no dairy produce as well as no meat, then that meant not enough protein in her diet to meet her nutritional typing requirements.

Amongst other things, consequentially she was suffering from depression. This is what happened to me. It took me years to realize but eventually as well as a dairy product diet I also started eating fish again. Like Angelina Jolie, being a ‘protein type’ eating dairy and fish cleared up my bouts of depression. -That’s all it took.

-Could this be the solution for yourself or someone you know? Either way I would whole heartedly encourage you to share this article…

Natural health related approaches

Having said ‘that’s all it took’ (above) for me, I would not guarantee a depression-free life or optimal well-being for anyone if the following natural health approaches get ignored.


As well as sorting out nutritional typing issues, a healthy diet is indeed crucial. As well as having food that is natural and wholesome I would recommend an 80% raw diet which contributes to enhancing the mood. A Junk food free diet (no food that’s sugary, starchy, grainy and salty or having little nutrition value) is strongly recommended.

Get a good share of good quality fat intake, for example, omega-3 rich foods such as nuts and fish.

Sunshine (around 15-20 minutes a day) with its vitamin D3 contribution is another essential.Get supplements if you can’t get this.

Vitamin B’s contribute to regulating brain functionality and neurotransmitters which greatly help mood enhancement…


Much research has shown that exercise makes a great contribution to stress relief, anxiety reduction, beating depression and thus contributing to well being. How about a visit to the sports centre?

Behaviour modification

Making small and gradual simple changes in lifestyle helps with beating depression. It may be necessary to get therapy, which helps deal with any undesired thought patterns, issues related to significant losses or for handling stress and anxiety…


Other suggestions include taking St. John’s wort, acupuncture and massage therapy…

The above as with the other recommendations in this article is indeed not an exhaustive list but I’ve mentioned these things to encourage the reader to do their own research.


While these recommendations are valid, the advice and guidance of health professionals should be sought after at all times.

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