Raw Vegan Recipes – 3 Ways to Enjoy Warm Raw Food

The definition of raw food deems a food raw as long as it has not been heated beyond 115F. The reason is because raw food enzymes are destroyed at 115F. Due to this fact it is possible to enjoy warm raw meals. Here are three methods to heat raw food.

Method #1 Raw Food Dehydrator

A dehydrator is a device that works by using heat to pull the moisture out of food. It allows you to set the temperature so as long as you keep the temperature below 115F you will be able to produce tasty warm food. You can use raw dehydrators to make warm cracker or warm cookies. There are many food dehydrator recipes out there, just google “raw dehydrator recipes”.

Method #2 Just add Water

Looking for warm raw meal on a cold day? Cooking with heated water is another method to make warm raw dishes. Just make sure that the water is under 115F. This method is used to make a variety of fantastic warm soups, which are great pick-me-ups during the winter time.

Method #3 Use a Stove to Heat Raw Food

The lowest heat setting on your stove is another method that can be used to make a raw meal. If you can stick a finger in the food while cooking it is not too hot to disqualify it from being raw. Some people also use thermometers. This method is an excellent way to prepare chili.

The dehydrator, warm water and low heat on the stove are three great ways to expand your raw food cooking. Enjoy using these methods to explore new tasty warm meal recipes.

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