The Raw Vegan Diet Cured my Depression and Gave me my Life Back!

Hi there everyone,

My name is Nargis and I a Personal Trainer who used to be depressed and would eat unhealthy foods. Despite working out hours a day, I was still overweight, and more importantly I was developing a serious case of depression. I believe the depression was chemical based. Over the many years of eating an unhealthy diet, I believe my brain could no longer create healthy levels of serotonin and dopamine (happy brain chemicals). No major event happened in my life to cause this depression, but it was real! Things I used to enjoy were boring and I could not feel joy anymore. On top of that I was always tired and needed coffee just to move. I would work out hours a day and not reach my ideal weight. I was a personal trainer who worked out very hard for hours a day and still had a pot belly. I was looking puffy and swollen, as well as older than my age. The depression was getting so bad that some days I would just lay in bed all day if I could and be very upset. I was becoming hopeless.

Luckily, I saw a video that changed my life forever. I saw a glowing raw vegan of 70 years old by the name of Annette Larkins. She looked like a vibrant, happy, and very hot 40 year old. That was all I needed to know that no one could get results like that, unless the diet actually worked. No one’s genes are that good! I decided to look into the raw vegan diet, started researching it obsessively and tried out the raw vegan diet for myself. I have learned so much and they don’t call it a raw food journey for nothing. There is so much to learn, discover, and experience. I have reaped so many benefits!

Since starting a raw vegan diet I have lost 25 lbs, have an abundance of energy, and just feel so good most of the time. I handle stress better, I feel vibrant and alive, and I look younger and better than when I started. I actually think I look better than in my teens. My skin cleared and I just get hit on more. I love how a low fat raw vegan diet makes me feel. I sometimes feel euphoric and very relaxed. I feel more connected to people, animals, and nature. I also feel more awake and aware, whereas before I felt numb and almost zombie like. I feel more spiritually connected and more in touch with my intuition and emotions. There are many other benefits that I’ve experienced, but those are some of my favorite. Raw foods are alive and just make you feel more alive and full of life. I get to eat as much fruits and veggies as I want so I never feel hungry or deprived. I consider eating raw vegan an exciting journey where I am constantly discovering a new benefit, healing physically or emotionally, or just improving in some way. It’s so exciting to always be improving, getting younger, happier, and more vibrant every day. It’s a very exciting journey, with of course its ups and downs. I often wake up to a younger and fitter version of me in the mirror. Of course I know that I will start aging again, but it will be much slower and graceful. It’s so comforting to know that the way I look and my health is in my control.

Of course I’ve had to tackle cravings, emotional connections to comfort foods, social pressure, and conquering my addiction to unhealthy foods. I definitely have learned a lot of strategies which I am excited to share with people. Although its not easy to not have anything to numb yourself with, I find that it is well worth the emotional work and that you also solve the problem. Plus I find that when I numb the “bad” emotions, I also numb the “good emotions” and I love feeling vibrant and alive.

Though my diet has not been perfect the whole time and I have had slip ups, I’ve still reaped many benefits. I don’t believe you have to be full raw vegan to get benefits. I believe that everything that you put into your body matters. The more raw vegan, the more benefits! I do believe the raw vegan diet is the perfect way of eating and creates a level of health most people don’t get the joy of discovering. My mission is to help as many people as I can experience the bliss and joy that true health brings. I encourage you to look into a raw vegan diet and experience something new and amazing that will blow your mind!

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You can even download a free Quick, Easy, and Tasty Raw Vegan recipe book there. Let’s not forget to keep the kids healthy and happy as well!

My name is Nargis Khestoo and I am an expert Personal Trainer and Raw vegan. I am also the author of The Raw Vegan Instruction Manual – Everything you want and need to succeed at your raw goals. You can find it at As well, you can download my free Raw vegan recipe book for those with little time and who want to keep it easy and delicious. Best of luck on your health goals!

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