Good Reasons For Eating Less Meat

If your not a vegetarian then most of us enjoy a nice piece of steak or a burger but do many of us understand the impact that eating meat as part of our diet does to the environment. I have seen more and more news articles regarding this topic of the global livestock farming industry and the contribution to global warming. As disposable incomes increase across and the globe and intensive farming reduces the costs the environmental impact of eating meat by more and more people will leads to increased problems. The disposable incomes of the 2.5 billion Chinese and Indians are increasing year on year and they turn towards more meat than veg as incomes rise as they can afford this once thought of luxury.

Commentators have said that the impact of eating meat is greater than the impact of cars, airplanes and all other modes of transport combined. The owner of Ryan Air has been on TV to play down the effects of the airline industry when really people should be concentrating on eating less meat or better still becoming vegetarian or vegan.

Compassion in World Farming a respected organization in this field recommended that humans reduce their meat consumption first by a third and then by 65 percent to have the desired environmental changes. If we did this we would be richer as meat costs less, help the environment plus help the veggie industry as well. People are always saying that too much meat is bad for you but my granddad eats it all the time and is still going strong! You also need to consider the conditions in which these animals are farmed especially intensive farming which is known to be cruel as opposed to welfare farming by the more expensive brands.

If livestock farming produces so much of the greenhouse emissions why is there no big outcry and campaign to reduce the killing of animals and eating meat? Is it because people are not willing to give up eating meat but having a go at the transport industry is much easier to do? The Amazon rainforest us being depleted and large parts of South America is now used for livestock grazing to feed consumers in the West.

Would this land not be better off being used for people considering that the human population is growing at an unprecedented rate and that only a small percentage will be vegans and vegetarians? What about the water supply that these animals are drinking when in many parts of the world you are unable to find clean drinking water! The Earths water supplies are being contaminated and altered by nutrient runoff, antibiotics, pesticides, animal wastes and hormones.

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What to do?

You need to think about the above article and make informed, environmentally conscious dietary decisions during your next trip to the supermarket. I have tried eating Quorn to do by bit but I just dont like the taste. I have tried becoming vegetarian but only lasted a few days as I became bored of the food and the thought of meat brought saliva to my mouth. Maybe we are just meat eating men and women of course at heart especially as a doctor told an elderly neighbour of mine to eat meat as she needs the nutrients she is not getting from a vegan diet.

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