Vegan Substitutes

Anyone on a vegetarian diet may want to be aware of vegan substitutes. Your substitutions will vary, depending on your diet. Are you just eliminating meats? Maybe you do not want to eat dairy? Perhaps you wish to exclude any and all types of animal products from you diet. If you are eliminating all animal products, you will need to exercise caution. Many everyday food items may contain animal products.

Eliminating eggs

If you stop eating eggs, you will notice that you may think you have to avoid most baked goods. However, there are egg replacement products at your local grocery store. They may work well as egg substitutes for baking. You can also use tapioca flour and potato flour mixed together. You can use other things in your baking, also.

Did you know that flax-seeds would work as an egg replacement? You can use them as a binder in recipes. Binders are used to hold ingredients together. A tablespoon of flax-seed and three tablespoons of water will equal one egg. Mix in a food processor until smooth.

Healthy Living begins with A Healthy Cookbook

Other material will work well as binders. You can use them in pancakes, cookies, muffins, and cakes, and such. Tofu is sometimes used as a recipe binder. One fourth cup of tofu is about one egg. One teaspoon of yeast in one fourth cup of warm water equals one egg. One teaspoon of potato flour and one teaspoon of water will be one egg. Some of the substitutes may have an undesired taste for certain items. You may have to experiment to get the right one for each recipe. Avoid Gelatin because it is made out of animal by-products such as cows’ and pigs’ skin, tendons, ligaments and bones.

Meat replacements

Besides the many non-meat products, there are natural replacements to consider. If you incorporate nuts into your regular diet, you will get necessary protein. There are many types of nuts to choose from. You can eat them from the container. You might add them to recipes like cookies.

Another good source of protein is legumes. Kidney beans, lentils, and split peas, are examples. They do not have to be in side dishes. You can make them the main course. Chili is a good recipe to use them in. Substitute them for meat in recipes. You may find this to be a pleasant alternative.

Corn and beans are a good source of protein. When you mix them together, they become a complex protein. This is a good meat substitute. This will also work with rice and beans. Bread and peanut butter are also a good combination.

Soybeans make an excellent protein source and meat replacement. You will find much of it in the form of tofu. It is also promoted as good for cholesterol. You can buy soybeans at your local health food store. They come roasted and salted as peanuts.


Vegan substitutes are an important part of any vegetarian diet. If you only restrict meat, it may not be too complicated. If you avoid all animal products, you will have to be careful. Many items may contain animal products. Read labels and research your food carefully.

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